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Why Nitrogen?
Fully inflated tires are safer, perform better, last longer and give you better gas mileage. Inflating your tires with high-purity nitrogen can help you maintain your tires recommended level of pressure 2-3 times longer than air.
  • Smoother, safer ride – Properly inflated tires allow the control you need for a safer, smoother ride. With under inflated tires, you have less contact area between tire and road surface, less braking & steering control and a greater potential for blowouts.

  • Better Fuel Mileage – By maintaining proper tire pressure, you reduce tire resistance and this creates less drag, allowing you to obtain desired fuel mileage. MONEY SAVER!

  • Longer Tire Life – Some tire manufacturers claim the use of nitrogen extends the tire life by as much as 25%. Under-inflated tires wear prematurely due to uneven road contact. Because nitrogen is moisture free, the tires’ rubber will deteriorate more slowly than damp compressed air. Also, no moisture will lead to no corrosion on the wheels.

  • Convenience – With nitrogen filled tires, you won’t have to refill as often.

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